Fall Prevention

For good reason, many in the geriatric population suffer a fear of falls. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to emergency centers in the United States and the primary cause of accidents in persons over the age of 65.

Wellness Home Care in the Hudson Valley supports seniors in fall prevention through education and home safety assessments.

Downloadable Tools and Tips:
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Web Resources:
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6 Ways to Reduce Your Falling Risk
The Mayo Clinic offers some useful tips and pointers to help people prevent falls by implementing some simple fall-prevention measures.

As the official Web site of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, Stopfalls.org strives to identify best practices in fall prevention and to help communities offer fall prevention programs to older people who are at risk of falling. The link below is an overview of the basics of fall prevention.

Preventing Falls: Which Intervention is Most Effective?
This informative article from the American Academy of Family Physicians studies and compares cases of several different interventions that have successfully reduced the incidence of falls among elderly people living at home. Best results were found to be a combination of exercise plus vision intervention plus hazard management.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
There are many resources contained here on how to identify elderly who are at risk for falls, and how to prevent falls in those individuals.

Preventing Falls in the Elderly
This article has very good information, in a concise format on causes and prevention of falls in the elderly population.

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