Wellness Home Care Helps You Create a Safer Home for Parkinson’s Patient

People with Parkinson’s disease often experience problems with walking, balance, and/or vision that can increase their risk of falls in the home. The following are some home modifications that can help create a safer home for your loved one:


  •   Have a firm chair in the bedroom to use when dressing, along with a footstool to use when putting on shoes
  •   Avoid the use of space heaters, electric blankets, or other flammable hazards
  •   Install a bed rail between the mattress and box spring
  •   Use nightlights to make the room easier to navigate at night


  •   Install grab bars and handrails in the bathtub/shower and by the toilet
  •   Use a shower chair and handheld sprayer to prevent slipping in the shower
  •   Use only rubber or rubber back bath mats in the bathroom


  •   Install self-closing cabinets and drawers
  •   Lower counter spaces and work spaces so that kitchen tasks can be done from a seated position
  •   Install non-skid rubber mats near the sink and stove, and always clean up spills immediately
  •   If your loved one is experiencing chewing or swallowing difficulties, use a food processor for cutting and peeling vegetables and other hard to eat foods

Whole House:

  •   Make sure all rugs are anchored and smooth
  •   Keep furniture in its usual place and make sure there are wide spaces around furniture to make walking easier
  •   Invest in touchable lamps or those that react to sound

 The care professionals at Wellness Home Care can help you evaluate what home modifications your loved one needs in order to maintain a safe home. Contact us today in Goshen, Newburgh, Liberty, Suffern, or White Plains, NY to learn about our in-home care services.


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