Well-Balanced: Exercises that Prevent Falls for Seniors

While some loss of balance is common as a person ages, it also makes the person more vulnerable to dangerous falls. Some simple exercises can help older seniors improve their strength and balance which will help protect them against falls. Ask your doctor if the following strength and balance exercises are right for you:

Knee Lifts: Try to lift your knee as high as your hip using a secure object to assist in maintaining balance. As you grow stronger, decrease the tendency to lean on a support, and try holding the leg up for 3 seconds or longer.

Point and Flex: While sitting, point your toes and then flex them. Repeat with both feet.

Toe Tapping: While sitting, tap your toes. Repeat with both feet.

Sit-to-Stand: When necessary, use a chair for support when standing and again when returning to a sitting position. Try to gradually decrease use of your arms as your legs get stronger.

Calf Muscle Strengthener: While holding onto a wall, chair or the kitchen sink, repeatedly raise yourself up and down on tiptoes. As your strength improves, go higher up on your toes and eventually try it on one foot at a time.

Shin Muscle Strengthener: Lean your back against a wall with your heels placed seven to eight inches away from the wall. Lift the toes of both of your feet off the ground as high as possible.

One-legged Stand: Hold onto a secure object during balance training, such as a sturdy chair. Lift one leg off the ground and try to maintain balance on your standing leg.

At Wellness Home Care, we know the important role that exercise plays in fall prevention. Our caregivers can create a workout program that is right for your loved one and guide him or her through it each day to ensure safety while improving balance. We can also help modify the home to safeguard against fall hazards. Contact Wellness Home Care at (845) 294-8364 in Goshen, Newburgh, Liberty, Suffern, or White Plains to learn more about how we can help care for your loved ones at home.

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